Your seminary journey starts with just a few steps.

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The world needs Jesus. In the big questions. And also, in the everyday, ordinary tasks.

Who will share this hope?

It’s you.

Because no matter how busy and invested you already find yourself, your theological training is possible.

Aaron Einfeld

Three Steps to Your Calling

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1. Try out seminary

Take your first course, jumping in with a diverse group of learners who will keep you connected and growing. Our physical campus is in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but you can take courses from anywhere. We offer in person and online theological seminary education in the Reformed Christian tradition.

2. Walk the journey in community

With every course, you’ll build a community of mentors, scholars, friends, and connections who will become resources not just during seminary, but as you venture in ministry for years to come. Consider degrees like a master of divinity (MDiv), master of theological studies, or master of arts in ministry leadership.

3. Graduate reenergized

Your ministry dreams don’t have to be put on hold. The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll be graduating seminary, equipped for the work you’re called to. 

Your seminary journey starts with just a few steps.

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